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Diagnosing and repairing vehicle auto electrical systems requires the right tools, equipment and knowledgeable technicians to ensure that your vehicle’s problems are properly fixed. At our Motolek workshops we specialise in auto electrical systems of various vehicles, and we offer you quality workmanship which is backed by equally good quality parts. Our highly skilled technicians offer comprehensive experience in working on a wide range of vehicles.

Headset No Longer Wired For Sound



Modern vehicles’ computers operate systems such as air conditioning, radios, airbags, alarm systems, engine controls and many other components. Some may think that an engine light coming on tells the technician at a workshop what the issue is with the vehicle. However the reality is that this is only an indication of a symptom and not the underlying problem.Instead of continuous trial and error parts-swapping to try and diagnose your vehicle’s problem, our technicians can save you time and money by using computerised diagnostic equipment to pin point the problem.



If your vehicle air conditioning is no longer as cool as it used to be, or has malfunctioned altogether, there may be issues with your air conditioning unit. At some of our selected workshops, our technicians are able to perform a diagnosis to determine the problem and also offer you services to repair or replace the air conditioning unit.

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